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ARTIST STATEMENT ...about my art

I am on a journey to develop my creative voice while refining my work technically and aesthetically. My early experiences have influenced my choice of subject matter, my perceptions of people and cultures, and my communication styles. Rural western roots have remained ingrained in my art. However, as I travel, interact, learn, and observe, I’m insprired to rexplore not only my own western roots but also rural environments in other locales. 


When I approach a canvas there is a narrative in my head. It’s usually not a full novel, but a visual song through which I strive to communicate my perception of a moment, idea, or interaction. The accurate realistic construct is the lyric while the abstract elements create musical undertones that bring emotion to the composition. I strive to create an accurate representation of my perceptions through a juxtaposition of traditional realism and abstraction that promotes interpretation by viewers interacting with their own background, experiences, and emotion.

ARTIST BIO ...about me

I spent my early years in rural northern Nevada surrounded by horses, dogs, cattle, pickup trucks, dust, rugged landscapes, and independent resilient people.  After high school, I headed to university for a formal education…in something...something stable and viable. But every time I jumped into a new “safe” major that promised future security I was drawn back to art. After graduating with a fine art degree and high aspirations of a creative life, my pursuit of art took a backseat to raising a family, a career in graphic design, creative direction, and marketing. 


When I moved to Colorado in 2010 I started working as an online art director for a company that owned fine art magazines including Southwest Art and Artists Magazine, and online art education properties. Promoting artists and galleries and watching creatives immersed in their passion made me yearn to focus on my own art. I eventually left the corporate world to work on a friend’s equine farm exploring my roots and carving out time for art. In the spring of 2020, my supportive partner (now husband) and I moved to Superior and…drumroll…I am now a full-time artist. 


I have exhibited in the Randy Higbee 6x6 show in California and the Stampede Western Art Invitational in Greeley, Colorado. I have been accepted to juried exhibits in the Western United States and national online shows as a member of the Oil Painters of America. I have participated in plein air events and wet paint auctions in Colorado, and been part of local exhibits as a member and volunteer in the Louisville Art Association. I am a Signature Founding Member of the Cowgirl Artists of America. I have completed many commissions, taught beginning artists, and continue to hone my passion both in the studio and on location. 

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