My Artistic Story

I am drawn to familiar subjects of my western upbringing in Northern Nevada. I have personal connections to horses, cattle, dogs, rodeos, rural landscapes and the distinct character of people inhabiting that world. These ties inspire and define my art journey.

I find endless inspiration in a western culture that has evolved and adapted to contemporary times – the powerful animals that define that world, interactions of people with those animals, familiar rodeo scenes, the changing face of ranching, and the inspiring landscapes of the west. The west is full of visually rich textures shaped by elements and time, awe-inspiring landscapes and blue skies. It’s a world laced by intersections of past and present. It’s a story of strong adaptable people and their relationships to the land and the animals that are part of their daily experience.

Part of my desire to paint the subjects I do is being in that environment. I enjoy collecting inspiration and reference material by hanging out for a day at a rodeo or stock shows, interacting with the people behind the scenes and studying the stock. I find peace in driving through cattle country or hiking with painting equipment.

My work is representational. However, I’m fascinated by pure interactions with the visual medium. Pumping up colors. Defining lines of transition. Playing with light and shadow.  Experimenting with texture. I adjust realism with these abstract elements to communicate a story, mood, the essence of the subject, or simply a visual moment that caught my focus.

All imagery © 2020 by Jody Faught. 

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