“Life does not consist mainly, or even largely, of facts or happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that is forever flowing through one’s head.”    

– Mark Twain


I spent my childhood in rural northern Nevada surrounded by horses, dogs, cattle, pickup trucks, rodeos, dust, rugged landscapes, and independent resilient people. I left my childhood home, moved to Utah, and focused on a formal fine art education. After graduating with high aspirations of a creative life, my pursuit of art took a backseat to raising a family, a career in graphic design, creative direction, marketing, and business. Through it all, my rural roots remained ingrained along with my passion for art. These traits defined my work ethic, my perceptions of people and cultures, my social interactions, and how I approached a variety of life situations. I am now exploring life as a full-time artist. I am on an infinite journey to define my creative voice,  refine my work technically and aesthetically, and develop my presence in the art world. 


When I approach a canvas there is a narrative in my head. It’s usually not a full novel, but a lyric that communicates my perception of a moment, idea, or interaction. 


The subjects I choose are drawn from personal experiences, both past and present. My perception of a moment is a combination of visual observation colored by sensory interaction and emotional response. The way I choose to portray that moment in a painting has been informed by the culture in which I was raised, my own history, and the current place I happen to be in on life’s journey.


My style results from a desire to create an accurate representation of those moments by combining loose realism with abstract elements. I become immersed in the way color, texture and value evolve on the canvas both independent from, and in harmony with, the subject. I want to leave room for interpretation as viewers bring their own background, experiences, and emotion to my works.